This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions by Counselors/Coaches about signing up, logging in and using We also have FAQs for Individuals.

Yes! Purchase as a Counselor/Coach. You can purchase multiple uses or administrations, and have access to your clients' results from your control panel.

Counselors/Coaches may appreciate logging into the control panel to oversee the use of the assessment by the client. This management option includes tracking which clients were invited to take the assessment, knowing when the client completed it and viewing a copy of the results at any time. Future counselor/coach benefits may become available, such as articles on using the assessment with different populations, discounts for larger numbers of uses, and debriefing tips. Yes, a counselor/coach could simply instruct the client to go to however we strongly encourage a closer relationship. Either way, please make your instructions clear to your clients so that they know whether to Login using the instructions from the email from or purchase as an individual.

Since the client never signed up, you may assume the assessment is still available to be given to another client. However, you never know when the client will decide to follow-through and try to use it. It would be best to purchase a new account for each new client. As with any assessment, once the client "walks out the door" you never know where the assessment has gone.

You may refer your client to the FAQ page that is linked on the home page. Note, that link was included on your email to the client when distributing the assessment. It is also acceptable to "walk" a client through the beginning steps to taking the assessment, to ensure the client is comfortable and progressing. Clear instructions on test-taking, in particular card sorts, may help the client feel ready to complete If you or your client still have questions, feel free to Contact us.

You will receive an email that a specific client id has completed the assessment. Then you may login to view the results.

At this time you will need to login to access the results. Then you may save or print the PDF for each client. This ensures the security of the results. The client has the option to email the results to you.

To purchase additional accounts for your clients, simply login to your Coach's account and you'll find a link to purchase additional accounts.

Thinking about and comparing responses to all three parts of all three sections can help identify conflicts in your client's life and career that may cause a disconnect. You can then use this information to help your client make changes that can lead to a more satisfying career and life. True exploration using the given language can lead to meaningful results.

All individuals may benefit from this values assessment. Counselors/Coaches are encouraged to try this with different populations, such as:

  • post-secondary decision-makers - use along with other assessments
  • community college students - make this part of the completion curriculum
  • students in alternative school - help the students gain direction
  • young adults in transition, such as those leaving a foster or group home
  • mid-life career changers - ask reverse questions, such as "what would you not miss if the value is no longer in your life?"

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